About Us

Sikhs are spread all over the world and so are the Gurdwaras which require capable and efficient staff to manage and run them. Gurdwaras require Ragi, Pathi, Granthi, Langri, Sewadar, Katha Vachak, Computer operator, Librarian, Cashier, Supervisor, Manager, Management Committee Members and on the other hand, there are a large number of talented people who want to serve in these Gurdwaras but are unable to connect with them directly.

Hence the need of this venture where anyone can apply for a job to any Gurdwara worldwide by posting his biodata on this website which can be accessed by the management of any Gurdwara. People can also post their biodata to a Gurdwara by sending a letter after taking out details of the Gurdwaras from this website.

Sikhs willing to spread Sikhism worldwide

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