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Sikhism is a world renowned religion. It is famous for its liberal nature and hospitable behavior towards every human being. By nature the Sikhs are helpful. They never consider the caste, social status or religion while helping others. India is well-populated with Sikhs. A large number of the Sikh emigrant are residing in other countries. The countries like Canada, Australia and United Kingdom are highly populated with the Sikhs. The latest statistics shows that more Sikhs are there in Canada than the United Kingdom. The Sikh community is present all over the world and are quite flourishing. This website, Gurdwara Job is not only designed for aiding people in achieving their dream jobs, but it also ensures that people can connect with the Gurdwara which is in their country. It is not possible for everyone to keep track of the Gurdwaras which are attainable in every country; hence this online portal associates every individual with the Gurdwara and they can conveniently find the Gurdwara without any problem. Connect Gurdwara also assists people in enlisting the Gurdwaras of their cities and countries which are not registered in this website. If you want to affiliate the Gurdwara of your locality, then fill in the details, which includes the name of the country, city, country code, name, address, STD Code, phone number, fax, email id and website of the Gurdwara, images of the Gurdwara and some historical background of the religious place. After the information are incorporated, then Connect Gurdwara ensures that this Gurdwara is constituted in the website. You can easily search for the nearby Gurdwarasand instantly, you will receive a refined list of Gurdwara in your vicinity and also your nearby locality. You can also search for Sikh Gurdwaras in India or list of Gurdwara in India in our website to be informed about several Gurdwaras throughout the country. Not only in India, but Gurdwaras can be found in abroad as well and if the local Gurdwara in your area is not registered at our web portal, then enlist it by performing the similar functions. Search for Gurdwara in Sydney, Gurdwara in New York, Gurdwara in USA, Gurdwara Sahib in Singapore,Sikh temples worldwide in our website and get attuned with several Gurdwaras in just a click away. The Canada Gurdwara is quite famous and is visited by thousands of tourists and regular citizens also. The Sikh emigrants of Canada are thoroughly attached with the Canada Gurdwara and they pay their devotion and homage there. In India too, there are numerous Gurdwaras throughout the country, like, Gurdwara in Delhi, Gurdwara in Mumbai, Gurdwara in Pune, Gurdwara in Bangalore and many more, which you can plainly find it in our website. The historical Gurdwaras, like Nanaksar Gurdwara, historical Gurdwara in Punjab, Gurdwara Manikaran Sahib, Gurdwara Anandpur Sahib, Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara, Sikh Gurdwaras and many other renowned monumental Gurdwaras can be found in this website.