Question-1: How did the idea about www.gurdwarajob.com evolved in your mind?

1. In my Singapore working days, around 2004, I came in contact with couple of Sikhs doing petty jobs there. I came to know that they wanted to work in the Gurdwaras there and to fulfil their wish, they arranged loans and took the risk of migrating to Singapore. Unfortunately the agents back home cheated them by giving false hope of having assured jobs in Gurdwaras as preachers. When they reached overseas and found no jobs, they were compelled to accept odd works to survive. I was moved by their sad stories. Then I thought of bringing all gurdwaras across the globe on one common platform where Gurdwaras can post vacancies, search profiles of job seekers and contact job seekers directly. This will help in reducing the possibility of cheating by the middleman. The Gurdwara authorities on their end will provide original appointment letters, travel itinerary to the selected candidates which will help the job seekers. While on the one hand, Gurdwaras will be able to hire the best available talent worldwide for Gurdwara services, on the other hand it will save Gurdwara job seekers from getting cheated.
Hence, to solve this need and problem, the concept of www.gurdwarajob.com was born in 2006

Question-2: What is the vision of venture www.gurdwarajob.com?

The vision is to make this the largest global platform for getting jobs in Gurdwaras worldwide.

Question-3: Who is supporting this idea?

I have been working on this idea since 2004. To make this concept practical, I under took extensive travelling to see Gurdwaras, collect details after meeting the staff working there. The life and lessons from Sri Guru Gobind Singh je, acted as friend, philosopher and guide of me in this work. I am inspired by his life. His life energized me to work on this idea for promoting Sikhism and also the welfare of the Sikh community. My dream will help people on merit and talent get jobs worldwide and spread Sikhism.

Question-4: I do not know internet, how can I get benefit out of this site?

You can still get help from this website if you don’t know how to use internet.
Kindly follow these simple steps:

  • Visit your nearby internet shop.
  • Tell him to open the website www.gurdwarajob.com.
  • Click on the "REGISTER" button.
  • Select "Jobseeker" form the dropdown list and provide all relevant information.
  • Complete the process by uploading your "Biodata"
  • Remember your username and password for this website

  • Now you can use the “Search” criteria to find Gurdwaras or vacancies available as per your criteria.

    Question-5: What will be the procedure if I need to change my details later?

    It is very simple. Just click on “Login", available at the top right hand side corner of the website.
    Enter the registration details and then click on the "My Account" tab.
    The personal information page will open and you can make the changes you desire.
    Once the changes is complete, click on the "SAVE" button to save your new details.

    Question-6: If I forgot my password, what needed to be done?

    Kindly follow the steps mentioned below;

  • Click on "LOGIN" button and then click on "Forgot Password"
  • Enter the username/ email id with which you have registered on this website and click on "Forgot" button
  • The system will send you the password to the email id with which you registered on this website.
  • Question-7: How can I find a suitable job through the website?

    There are 3 ways this website can help you find a job:

    1.you can login on the website and click on "Search Vacancy" to start your job search. Select "Country" and find out the available vacancies. If you find the appropriate vacancy, you can apply from there.
    2. Gurdwara Management search for suitable staff. Gurdwara management can search the profiles by country and profession through this website. If they find your profile to be appropriate for the position, they can contact you directly if they feel so.
    3.You can post your "Biodata" directly to Gurdwaras.
    You can search gurdwaras database by country, city and take out those details. Once detail is available, you can contact the Gurdwara directly and seek details of any openings if it exists.

    Question-8: What are the charges associated for using this service?

    This service is for "Free". Please don’t pay anyone for availing this website services. Report for abuse if anyone asks any charges from you for availing this service.

    Please dont pay anyone for availing this service. Report for abuse if anyone asks any charges for you for availing this service.

    Question-9: Now, what next?

    Sri Guru Gobind Singh je desires that his place at Nirmohgarh Sahib where he did lot of sacrifice is restored to glory and as per the Sikhism maryada, the details of which are as under: NIRMOHGARH SAHIB, GURDWARA, situated on top of a low hill 4 km south of Kiratpur, is dedicated to Sri Guru Gobind Singh je. In August 1700, Anandpur, which was then the seat of Sri Guru Gobind Singh je, was attacked by a combined force of several of the surrounding hill chiefs. For four days, their troops assaulted successively the four fortresses built around the main citadel, Anandgarh, but they found all of them impregnable. Finally, they laid a siege to Anandgarh in the hope of starving the Sikhs into surrender, but without effect. They then resorted to a ruse.

    They offered peace to Sri Guru Gobind Singh je upon solemn oaths, only if he would leave Anandpur temporarily to enable them to lift the siege with honor. The Guruje agreed and on 2 October 1700 retired to a camp set up on the hills around the village of Hardo Namoh. The hilltop where he had established himself came to be known as Namohgarh or Nirmohgarh. The hill rajas did not keep their word, and again surrounded the Sikhs. The latter repulsed their attacks which, according to the BhattVahis, took place on 7, 12, and 13 October 1700.

    On 14 October. Sri Guru Gobind Singh je and his Sikhs broke the cordon and crossed the Sutlej into Basohli, a small friendly state. It is said that, during the siege of Nirmohgarh, the hill chiefs succeeded in requisitioning the services of some imperial troops, including a cannoned. Just at the opening of the next engagement, the cannoneer fired a shot aimed at Guru Gobind Singh, who was sitting on the top of Nirmohgarh hill.

    The Guru Je, however, remained unhurt, although an attendant, Bhai Ram Singh, was killed. The Guru Je instantly picked his bow and arrow and pierced the cannoned dead. The site now has a memorial in the shape of small single room gurudwara. The gurudwara is managed by the Nihangs.

    I request the Sikh sangat worldwide to join hands with me in restoring the place of Sri Guru Gobind Singh je as per his desire.

    Question-10: How can I contribute to this noble work?

    You can contribute to promote Sikhism by connecting Gurdwaras in getting talented staff for Gurdwara services in these 3 ways:
    Click on “Add Gurdwaras” so that all the Gurdwaras in the world can be listed on one common platform with updated details.
    Inform the Gurdwaras that you visit to post vacancies for staff and to hire free of cost talented staff from this website.
    Spread news worldwide amongst friends, relatives, forums, groups about www.gurdwarajob.com, its purpose and how to get help from it.

    Question-11: How do I contact you ?

    You can reach me availing any of the following mode:
  • Using Mobile: Cell no. (91) 9876625076 (my India number)
  • Email: gurdwarajob@gmail.com
  • Add me on Skype id amrit.pal.singh