About Us

Sikhs are spread across the globe and Gurdwaras are also located across the world. To manage and run the Gurdwaras there is a need for capable and efficient staffs. Gurdwaras need following professionals for smooth operations.

  • Ragi
  • Pathi
  • Granthi
  • Langri
  • Sewadar
  • Katha
  • Vachak
  • Computer operator,
  • Librarian, Cashier
  • Supervisor/Manager
  • Management Committee Members

Large number of capable and dedicated people are looking for service in the Gurdwaras. The issue is the link between the need of employee and employer. The goal of this venture is to create a platform for the job seeker and the employers. Employer will post Jobs and job seeker will search for the available jobs. Also job seekers can do following;

  • Create their profile
  • Upload their resume
  • Browse the worldwide available Gurdwara jobs

Job and Gurdwara details are available in website. Job seekers can also post their resume to a Gurdwara if suitable vacancy is available.